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Curriculum Enrichment and Clubs

Plaxtol Primary School offers a full programme of curriculum enhancement activities, before school, at lunchtime and after school. There is a variety on offer for the children to enjoy. As well as being fun, these clubs will also give the children the opportunity to develop or further enhance their learning through a range of skills.


Clubs are run by staff, parents and out of school organisations and children sign up for two terms at a time in most cases. Option forms are sent out at the start of terms 1, 3 and 5. If numbers go over the limit, children will be chosen at random.


Morning clubs run from 8.00 – 8.45

Lunchtime clubs run from 12.40 – 1.10

After school clubs run from 3.30 – 4.30


If a club has to be cancelled we will let you know by parent mail.


We recommend that our Yr R (Class 1) children start attending clubs from Term 3 after Christmas, allowing them the time to settle into the school routines and the length of the school day during the few two terms so they do not become too tired!


If children are unable to attend a club, please could you make sure that they inform their class teacher at the start of the day.  Only members of clubs should be on site while the clubs are running before or after school. If a club has to be cancelled we will let you know by e-mail, or by telephone if at short notice.


Please ensure that your child has everything they need at the beginning of the day and that they are collected on time.


The school is always extremely grateful for any help that is offered that can support the education of our pupils and enrich their learning experience. If you would like to assist the school in any way, please contact your child's teacher or the Headteacher. DBS checks will need to be carried out.


The current list of clubs on offer is below.







Year Group (Pupil no.)



KS2 Cross Country

Yr3 – Yr6 (12)


Art (£50 per 10 weeks, payable to Mrs Dickinson ) – Mrs Dickinson

YrR – Yr6 (15)


SG7 Multi Sports (with Scott Gilman - £48 for 12 sessions. Cheques payable to S. Gillman)

YrR – Yr6 (20)



Food Tech- Mrs Hammerton/Miss Elliman (£20 for 10 weeks)

YrR – Yr6 (12)


SG7 Football Upper School (with Scott Gilman- £48 for 12 sessions. Cheques payable to S. Gillman)

Yr4 – Yr6 (20)



Dodgeball – Miss Mead

YrR – Yr6 (18)

LT Green fingers - Mrs Hammerton YrR – Yr6 (18)


School  newspaper- Mrs Faes

YrR – Yr6 (12)

PM Wildlife - Mrs Hammerton (£20 for 10 sessions) YrR – Yr6 (15)
PM SG7 Football Lower School (with Scott Gilman- £48 for 12 sessions. Cheques payable to S. Gillman) YrR – Yr3 (20)


Athletics – Mrs Owen

Yr1 – Yr6 (18)

Thursday AM KS2 Sewing - Mrs Sharp (£20 for 10 weeks. Cheques payable to Plaxtol Primary School) Yr3-Yr6 (12)
  LT KS2 Rounders/Kwik Cricket - Mr Humphries Yr3-Yr6 (18)



Judo (with Nathan Court of Bushido Judo £34 for 5 weeks or £60 for 10 weeks. Cheques payable to CSF Ltd.) starting 28th April.

YrR – Yr6 (30)


Lego (KS1)/Lego Technics (KS2) - Miss Cleisham

YrR – Yr6 (20)

  PM KS1 Tennis (The John Heurman Tennis Academy -£45 for 10 sessions) YrR - Yr2 (20)
Access our gallery under the Children tab to see the children in action at their school clubs. Photos can also be found under Recent Events.

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