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Plaxtol Primary School
Learning together - school, family, community



Our School Motto:  

Learning together – school, family, community

Our Vision

– we use a Growth Mindset attitude to learning, where resilience is key.

– we promote independence in both the children’s learning and their approach to later life.

N – we pride ourselves on how we nurture the potential of every child. 

E – we recognise the importance of the environment both on a local, national and global level. 

– we will respect all pupils and adults in our school and the wider community. 

– our village is fundamental in developing a sense of community. 

– all children, parents and staff are aspirational in their outlook.



Our vision is linked to Minerva, the Goddess of Wisdom who is represented on our school emblem and best represents the life-long learning that we want our children to embrace. 


Resilience is key to ensuring that our children understand that learning is a process and making mistakes is an integral part of this.


We promote Independence in all aspects of school life, to ensure our children make positive choices throughout their lives. 


A key focus at Plaxtol is the role all stakeholders have in nurturing the children to enable them to achieve their potential in the wider world.


As a village in the countryside we value our environment both locally, nationally and on a global scale, and seek to understand how we can improve and sustain it for the future. 


Respect for all adults and children at Plaxtol Primary School is paramount and we celebrate diversity as well as identifying commonalities.  We actively seek to expose our children to a wide range of experiences.


Plaxtol Primary School holds a key role within the village.  The Parish and the school support one another to instil a sense of community in the children. 


Our staff are aspirational in their aims for the children to become educated citizens by preparing them to be ambassadors of the Minerva vision both at school and throughout their lives.

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