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Plaxtol Primary School
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Curriculum Statement

Curriculum intent:


Plaxtol Primary School is committed to meeting the requirements of the primary National Curriculum. Our schemes of work reflect the content and challenge of the curriculum. Teachers have received training in key areas of curriculum change and are ready to provide outstanding curriculum provision. At Plaxtol School curriculum conversations between all members of staff take place regularly throughout the year.

  • The curriculum will be taught with the consideration of the needs of all learners.
  • Our curriculum will be exciting and will inspire children to nurture a life-long passion for learning.
  • There is a focus across the curriculum on providing a range of experiences that expand the children’s understanding of the diverse world they live in by nurturing differences and identifying commonalities. 
  • Children are encouraged to reflect on all aspects of their learning both in class and in assembly. The school council provide feedback to subject leaders throughout the year.
  • We define end points in the children’s learning at the end of Year 6 to ensure that they can become educated citizens in their future lives.
  • At Plaxtol curriculum conversations between all members of staff take place regularly throughout the year.


Curriculum implementation:

  • We focus on vocabulary knowledge through the use of knowledge organisers and bookmarks.
  • We use Plaxtol progression documents in all subjects so that all children can access a broad and balanced curriculum.
  • Our curriculum is coherently planned and sequenced on a 2-year cycle to consider the needs of mixed age classes.
  • Foundation subjects are recorded in books over a 2-year period to show how skills and knowledge are linked to LT memory and progression. 
  • We use curriculum links planners to show the connections in the children’s learning both across subjects and year groups.
  • Children are taught from the EYFS to identify these links and to refer back to previous learning.



At the end of their time at Plaxtol:

A child at Plaxtol will have a positive attitude to learning and enjoy taking on challenges. They will be confident and be able voice their ideas with both adults and their peers. This child will feel valued and will in turn have respect for all members of the school and wider world. They will care for their environment from the Wildlife area to recycling to help support global concerns. A Plaxtol child understands that learning together as a school, family and community will enable them to aspire to be the best they can be.

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