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Plaxtol Primary School
Learning together - school, family, community


At Plaxtol Primary School we feel that this vision, linked to Minerva the goddess of Wisdom who is represented on our school emblem, best represents the life -long learning that we want our children to embrace in all aspects of their lives.


Our School Motto:  

Learning together – school, family, community

Our Vision

– we use a Growth Mindset attitude to learning, where resilience is key.

– we promote independence in both the children’s learning and their approach to later life.

N – we pride ourselves on how we nurture the potential of every child. 

E – we recognise the importance of the environment both on a local, national and global level. 

– we will respect all pupils and adults in our school and the wider community. 

– our village is fundamental in developing a sense of community. 

– all children, parents and staff are aspirational in their outlook.




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