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At Plaxtol Primary School, we especially value the importance of music and drama in developing confidence in our pupils and allowing them to express themselves in a creative way.  All pupils sing regularly either in class or as a school in assembly. They perform at community events  and to an audience at Harvest Festival, Christmas and Easter and in school drama productions in KS1 and KS2.


Class 4 take part in the biggest children’s choir in the World at London’s O2 for ‘Young Voices’ and Class 2 performed as a part of a Carolathon. As part of the Music Plus initiative, Year 4 have weekly lessons to learn the ukulele for the whole year. Children in KS2 are actively encouraged to have private peripatetic music lessons, and parents are aware that Kent Music financial support is available to fund these lessons.


A music specialist teaches across the school and as a result of this KS2 teachers are being up-skilled in the teaching of music. The pupils are given opportunity to work independently composing and playing instruments as well as in small groups. They are taught about musical notation and encouraged to develop their composition skills. The knowledge and skills learnt are regularly revisited to ensure that children retain it in their long term memory. 


There is a music timetable for weekly assemblies led by the Headteacher and children are encouraged to appraise and discuss what they have heard. This is evidenced on a music board in the hall. They are exposed to a wide range of music genres from around the world, celebrating different cultures and the diversity that music can bring. 


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