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Plaxtol Primary School
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Organisation and Roles

Each academic year the Governing Body collectively defines the key areas of focus for monitoring, as determined by the School Development Plan. Our responsibilities for the current academic year (2019/20) are:


  • Leadership and Management: John McMaster, Jenny Pearce and [x]
  • Behavour and Attitudes/Personal Development: Joan Owen
  • Quality of Education: Jenny Pearce, Jo Rolls and [x]
  • Early Years: Joan Owen
  • Finance: Mark Julio
  • Pay Committee: John McMaster, Mark Julio
  • Special/Additional Educational Needs, Pupil Premium and High Achievers: Jenny Pearce
  • Health and Safety: Jim Solomon
  • Safeguarding and Child Protection: Nayna Ahmed and John McMaster
  • Training and Development of Governors: Nayna Ahmed
  • Website and GDPR: Nayna Ahmed
  • Headteacher Performance Review: John McMaster, Jenny Pearce and [x]



  • Plaxtol Primary School
  • School Lane, Plaxtol, Sevenoaks, Kent
  • England, TN15 0QD
  • Tel: 01732 810200
  • Email: