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History & Geography

At Plaxtol Primary School, we believe in nurturing inquisitive minds towards the past. We facilitate investigation and enquiry through a creative curriculum, so that the children can explore how history shapes the past, the present and the future. At Plaxtol, we believe in the importance of children asking and answering questions towards historical sources, historical figures and each other: so that they are actively learning. Learning through history is paramount for the children to understanding the world around them, and to help them value and respect the world they live in. The children are taught to view the past and present as local, national and global citizens, so when leave us, they are prepared for life in modern Britain. At Plaxtol, we strive to teach a progressive and diverse curriculum which is constantly evolving. Our local village history is treasured amongst the pupils and our village community.

At Plaxtol Primary School, we believe Geography is more than just locating places on a map. We believe teaching geography is about nurturing an understanding of the wonderfully diverse world we live in. A world that is complex, facing challenges and there to be celebrated. At Plaxtol, the children are taught the geographical knowledge and skills to help them explore, navigate and understand the world around them. The children are encouraged to value and respect their place in the world as local, national and global citizens. The children’s knowledge and skills will develop progressively as they move through their school career, so that they not only meet the requirements of the National Curriculum, but are also competent and confident geographers in modern Britain.

At Plaxtol, we teach a knowledge-forward curriculum which outlines the progression of historical and geographical knowledge and skills the children need to know. The knowledge and skills taught are linked to the Minerva vision for our school.

In order to support our mixed age classes, History and Geography are taught through a two-year cycle and ‘3D Curriculum’; meaning the children are taught to identify vertical, horizontal and diagonal historical links across all their subjects, throughout their school career. History and Geography are taught through termly topics, in order to ensure the children are able to dive deeply into the knowledge and skills they are learning. Knowledge organisers, significant vocabulary and key questions guide each lesson as the children learn through enquiry, group investigations and rich texts. The children at Plaxtol are able to demonstrate their knowledge at the end of each topic through mind maps and non-chronological reports (KS1) and written essays (KS2). School trips and guest speakers also enrich the children’s lessons.

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